Chronic Pain

Have you been living with chronic pain? You struggle to perform your daily routines and you gave up on leisure activities you once enjoyed. You tried surgery and other non-invasive methods, but the chronic pain will not go away. At MCC Pain And Spine, we understand the kind of pain you are going through, and we are dedicated to helping you live pain-free.

We can assist you in the management and diagnosis of your back, neck, knee, shoulder and arm using various methods including: medication management, injections, nerve blocks, radio-frequency, ablations & physical therapy using various methods including therapy exercises, steroid injections, and more. For 33 years, Dr. Naulty, a physical medicine and rehabilitation physician, has dedicated his life to helping his patients live pain-free and without relying on heavy medications. At MCC Pain And Spine, our team of highly qualified assistants are compassionate, attentive, and serve you quality patient care.

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