Call a doctor about chronic pain if:
Your pain has lasted more than 3 months without a clear reason.
You are feeling down or blue or are not enjoying the activities or hobbies that you have enjoyed in the past. You may have depression, which is common with chronic pain.
You can’t sleep because of the pain.
You had an illness or injury that healed, but you still have pain.
Watchful waiting
Watchful waiting is a period of time during which you and your doctor watch your symptoms without using medical treatment.

During this period of watchful waiting, your doctor may have you try to get more sleep, work on reducing stress, and get more exercise. If you are able to control pain with exercise, massage, and pain relievers, you may not need further treatment.

But watchful waiting is not appropriate if your pain is severe or if it interferes with your life. If you delay treatment, the pain may get worse.

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